Friday, February 13, 2009

I need to vent about work...

So I'm a software engeneer... which pretty much means I write software.  I love my job and I love the poeople I work with, for the most part that is... there is one person who drives me crazy with her repitive questions, not understanding my answers and general incompatance.

So there is a hard deadline at the end of this month.  In short this has to be done by Feb 28, no bones about it... no getting around it... it will be done come hell or high water!  I was under the impression that I would be working on one piece of it and someone else would be working on the other piece, the piece that I have no experience in... well come to find out on Monday... nope... that isn't the case... I get to do everything... I can get the totally incompantant person to work on what I had been doing and start of the other part or I can just try to do it all.  

Well I decided that I would spend some time putting together flow diagrams, notes on what I'd done and a list of tasks that need to be done to make things as easy as possable for the idiot.  Earlier this week I had finished up the documents for THEIR project faster than I had expected so I thought I had some extra time to get them started on what needed to be done... I gave them all the software or pointed them in the direction to download.  Gave them all the hardware necessary and even loaned them the book I bought out of my pocket so that they could start working on it.  

So I was really ill on Wednesday so I got absolutly nothing done of any use and I was dealing with a client issue as well all day so I didn't get my instructions for them ready.  I also had another old project pop up that needed to be worked on ASAP by request of the COO... you don't say no to that.  So I worked on that while I was in the office yesterday, then I had chemo yesterday afternoon.  So this morning I came in, spend all morning writing up stuff and making it all nice so they could do the work and leave me the f alone while I try to figure out the new stuff and write that in two weeks.

Once I send all the documents, 8 in total that I have spend hours on I get a message back saying she doesn't know how she could possably complete all 35 tasks in 8 days... it would take her two weeks to get familiar with the project.  Sigh...  She seemed to have bosted in the past that they were a wize in this area... but now that we are using it a little differently it will take her weeks to figure it out... it took me less time and I never clamed to be an expert in the area.  So now I'm trying to calm myself and not go over to their desk and shake them and yell... "do you understand the conecpt of a deadline???  I guess not since you haven't been able to meet one, not one since you started working here!  Well here's how it goes, no matter how hard it is, or how much time it takes, if you have to work all weekend and all night for weeks, it has to be done by this thing we call a DEADLINE.  Now, go get it done b****."  But now if I want to ever actually be a supervisor I or have any sort of career I have to control my self.  So needless to say I haven't responed to the email just yet... sigh... 

I'm hating my job right now... and that makes me very sad... I haven't felt this way since I left my last job.  

Oh yeah... and I am planning to work all weekend and the holiday on Monday so that I don't get behind... here's to hoping the Carboplatin doesn't make me too sick this time!

Sorry if this doesn't make much since... I tried to leave out gender, project info, etc so it can't really be linked back to anyone... I know I didn't use proper English but it was just easier that way... just don't tell my English teacher Mom!

Work fun, chemo and a doctors appointment... oh my!

So it's been a little while. Nothing too eventful really going on on the cancer front... on the work front things are a bit crazy. I have way too much to do and not nearly enough time and more stuff keeps coming up that is urgent and must be done by yesterday. Fun times... but at least there is a hope of a promotion long term, like 6 months or so from now.

So I had chemo today. We had a little bit of an issue because I had a fever of 100.3 and since I'd been having a low fever for about a week now they wanted to check with the doctor to make sure he wanted to do it. His response was 'how sick does she look'... so the nurse pretty much left it up to me. If I felt up to it I could go ahead and do it and they would give me some antibiotics to try to kick whatever is starting to brew or I could wait. Since I felt fine today I went ahead and did the chemo, I don't want to get my schedule messed up!!

Since we had to wait for the doctor to get our of a consultation (that took forever) I ended up finishing up late. I was just leaving the doctor's office when I had planned to already be at my husband's office! Then once I got onto the main road it was clear I wouldn't be to his office for a long while!!! Because of the crazy wind we had today there were traffic lights out and accidents... fun times! A trip that should have taken 30 mins tops during rush hour ended up taking me about an hour and a half! Poor Patrick!! His job isn't one that he can really work over time or anything, luckily he does have a key to the office and was able to stay inside until I got there so he didn't blow away or get kidnapped by the homeless women who lurkes near his building :-P

Also... some good news from my doctor's visit on Wednesday. My CA-125 is now 18... woo hoo! Down more. I was a little worried since I wasn't sure if the last drop was really due totally to the Taxoil and if the Gemzar would work. But I guess the Gemzar is working :) I still like my old doctor better... that opinion hasn't changed... oh well... hopefully I won't have to see him as much after the next few months... I'll keep my eye on that!!

Oh yeah... and I'm up writing this now because I can't sleep, mostly because of the hot flashes... ick!!! This will be real trouble since I do have to go to work tomorrow and I have a full day! I'm hoping that since I'm up I'll be able to get a little work done now, hopefully that'll help!! Any suggestions for the hot flashes would be helpful too! I don't want to take estrogen, even if it is herbal because my doctor recomended against it. I usually only get them the night and day or two after chemo which isn't too bad but I'd like to not have them at all!!